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World Refugee Day


Ifrah Ahmed, a Somali refugee in Ireland, founded the United Youth for Ireland to provide support to young immigrants in their business, artistic and creative pursuits. She has also she lent her voice to the FGM/C campaign in Ireland and further afield in Europe and turned her focus to the specific gender issue of FGM/C by founding the NGO that carries her name, The Ifrah Foundation.
26 year old Kiflom Meles, is an Eritrean refugee in Addis Ababa who uses his artistic talent to share information about onward irregular movement. Kiflom discovered his artistic talents at an early age and has continued to pursue his passion and build his craft in any way he can. He aspires to paint as often as he can even though materials are expensive. When he gets money from selling a painting or from special opportunities, such as when he was beneficiary of the NRC start up support for small businesses, he bought more canvas and color to paint and expand his gallery.
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Meron, an Eritrean refugee living in Addis Ababa, is a man of many talents that he uses to uplift fellow refugees as part of shared responsibilities in the community. Pre COVID-19, Meron supported his community through his work in construction and electrical work. Amid COVID-19, he is using poetry, to raise awareness about the risks of onward irregular movement so that his peers can make informed choices. Meron has also produced a drama about irregular movement. He was motivated to work on the drama to help young refugees engage in a useful activities. “Why don’t we make use the opportunities made available for us, rather go on onward movement…”. says Meron who believes that everyone can make a difference, every action counts.